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UK Throws Weight Behind Nigeria’s Economic Reforms

The United Kingdom has affirmed its commitment to support the economic reforms spearheaded by President Bola Tinubu since taking office.

During a meeting with Tinubu at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly expressed confidence that these reforms would significantly enhance Nigeria’s appeal as an investment destination for British firms in the long run.

“The reform programs will undoubtedly make Nigeria an even more attractive investment destination for the UK. During my discussions in Lagos with entrepreneurs, technologists, business leaders, and individuals from the creative industry, I witnessed the immense potential for growth,” Cleverly stated.

Both nations also renewed their commitment to bolstering security, trade, and investment, and pledged to increase high-level interactions between their governments.

“Our bilateral relationship is built on a strong foundation, and we aim to further strengthen it. Nigeria’s level of innovation, particularly evident during my visit to Lagos, provides a solid platform for increasing its significance across Africa and globally,” Cleverly added.

He emphasized that President Tinubu considers the UK a key partner for the future, and he vowed to translate this vision into concrete action, forging a robust bilateral relationship.

Turning to the situation in Niger Republic, Cleverly welcomed ECOWAS’s decisive action and firm commitment to democracy, applauding the resolute message that violence is not a means to bring about political change.

“The UK’s dedication to democracy in Nigeria and the region remains steadfast. We seek the restoration of democracy in Niger and will continue working with our friends in the region, including Nigeria as a member of ECOWAS, to promote stability, peace, and democracy,” he affirmed.

The UK Foreign Secretary is currently on a two-day visit to Nigeria as part of his three-nation Africa tour. This visit underscores the UK’s ongoing engagement with the continent to foster cooperation and mutual growth.

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