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Government Making Progress Against Insecurity, Oil Theft Says Ribadu

The National Security Adviser (NSA), Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, highlighted the government’s progress in addressing security challenges, particularly oil theft, banditry, and kidnapping. Speaking at the 19th All Nigeria Editors Conference in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Ribadu emphasized the commitment of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Administration to tackle these issues hindering Nigeria’s economic development.

Ribadu pointed to a notable increase in crude oil production, rising from 1mbpd/1.2mbpd to about 1.7mbpd within five months. He attributed this success to the ongoing efforts against oil theft and unrest in the Niger Delta. The NSA outlined plans to further boost production to 2mbpd next year.

Addressing acute security challenges, Ribadu assured Nigerians of the government’s dedication to ending Boko Haram insurgency, restiveness, and oil theft in the Niger Delta, violence in the Southeast, and banditry and kidnapping in the Northwest and Northcentral regions. He acknowledged the complexity of these challenges but expressed confidence in the government’s ongoing efforts.

Ribadu backed his claims with data, stating that the curtailment of crises in the Niger Delta had led to increased oil production. He highlighted achievements, such as the release of over 600 people from banditry-related captivity in the Northwest and Northcentral, showcasing the positive impact of government initiatives, including military engagements.

The NSA urged citizens to expect improved management of public funds, emphasizing transparency and accountability. Responding to questions, Ribadu clarified that the government had no involvement in the controversial N5b allocation for a presidential yacht, expunged from the 2023 Appropriation Bill by the National Assembly.

In summary, Ribadu’s address emphasized the government’s achievements in curbing insecurity and boosting economic prospects, backed by tangible results and a commitment to transparency.

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