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CSU: Tinubu Graduated, But We Didn’t Issue Diploma Filed With INEC

In a court-ordered deposition held in Illinois, the registrar of Chicago State University (CSU), Mr. Caleb Westberg, stated that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu did graduate from the university, but the CSU diploma certificate Tinubu submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the 2023 presidential election was not issued by the university.

Westberg’s disclosure came in response to questions from Angela Liu, a lawyer representing former Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar, during a legal proceeding in the United States. Atiku is expected to hold a world press conference today to discuss the outcome of his discovery efforts at CSU.

However, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Tuggar, dismissed the issues surrounding the president’s academic qualifications as frivolous, stating that the administration would not waste time on such “trivial matters.” The presidency also clarified that the certificate Tinubu submitted to INEC was authentic and not forged.

Atiku, who was the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the first runner-up in the last presidential election, had sought to nullify Tinubu’s presidential win by INEC. He currently has a pending appeal at the Supreme Court after the dismissal of his petition against the February 25 election that produced Tinubu as president.

One of the key points of contention was the CSU diploma certificate Tinubu submitted to INEC, which was said to have been obtained from CSU in 1979. Atiku alleged that this certificate was forged and sought evidence to support his claim.

The US court found merit in Atiku’s application, ordering CSU to release Tinubu’s academic records to him to substantiate the allegations of forgery and perjury. Westberg, in his deposition, confirmed that Tinubu attended and graduated from CSU in 1979 but could not confirm the authenticity of the diploma submitted to INEC, as he claimed to have seen it for the first time during the proceedings.

Further examination revealed significant differences between the diploma submitted to INEC and the certificates issued by CSU in 1979, including variations in signatories, logos, seals, and fonts. These discrepancies raised questions about the authenticity of the INEC diploma.

The Supreme Court is expected to consider the implications of these revelations in the ongoing legal battle. The release of Tinubu’s CSU records and Westberg’s deposition is seen as crucial in resolving the controversies surrounding the president’s educational qualifications.

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