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LP Counters FG, Affirms EU’s Accurate Report on 2023 Elections

The Labour Party has swiftly responded to the federal government’s dismissal of the European Union’s conclusion regarding the 2023 elections, describing the government’s comment as an attempt to discredit the report after the fact. In a statement signed by the National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party, Pastor Obiora Ifoh, the party emphasized that the EU report was in line with other international observers who had also declared the election as rigged in favor of the ruling party.

The statement reads: “The Labour Party’s leadership is disappointed by the Federal Government’s attempt to undermine the European Union’s conclusion on the 2023 General Election and question the methodology used to arrive at their findings. This feeble response from the government, delivered days after the report’s submission, is merely an afterthought and does not carry any weight.”

“The government should be aware that the EU’s report is just one of many submissions made by international observers, all of whom have described the election outcome as fraudulent and failing to reflect the will of the majority of Nigerians.”

“The Labour Party stands by the EU observation mission’s position. We have consistently maintained that this election was heavily rigged in favor of the APC and its candidate.”

“What the Federal Government is now saying is a desperate attempt to conceal the obvious. Even those who are visually or hearing impaired can sense that this election was manipulated.”

“There is overwhelming evidence that even the most oblivious can perceive. We can only hope that the judiciary will deliver justice impartially and in the best interest of the nation and future generations.”

“Nigerians are already aware of the true winner of the 2023 presidential election, and no amount of slander, denial, or refutation can change the fact that the ruling party lacks the mandate of the electorate.”

“We must also acknowledge that INEC’s stance is in collusion with the Federal Government to deprive the electorate, clearly indicating that INEC lacks independence. The Commission’s actions are subject to the government’s whims and desires, and we are fully aware of this. However, Nigerians are looking to the judiciary for justice. That’s where we stand,” stated Obiora in the statement.

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