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Senate Urges NLC to Halt Impending Fuel Subsidy Removal Strike

The Senate has issued an appeal to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), urging them to suspend their impending strike concerning the removal of fuel subsidy and instead continue negotiations with the Federal Government.

This resolution by the Senate came after they considered and adopted a motion during their plenary session on Monday. The motion, titled “Urgent Need to Avert the Intending Strike of the Nigeria Labour Congress,” was sponsored by Senator Kawu Suleiman (NNPP-Kano).

In his lead debate, Senator Suleiman explained that the NLC had given the Federal Government a seven-day ultimatum to reverse what they term as “anti-poor policies” or face an indefinite nationwide strike starting from August 2nd.

According to the NLC’s statement, the Federal Government has failed to meet the demands presented to it after the removal of the fuel subsidy, which could result in a significant increase in the price of petrol.

Senator Suleiman expressed his concern that the proposed strike could have severe repercussions, causing disruptions to the country’s economy. Commercial transport operators would suspend services, while markets, schools, and healthcare facilities would be forced to close.

The senator emphasized that the potential strike could lead to deeper economic troubles, business dislocation, hunger, and frustration. The resulting hardships would inflict unquantifiable financial losses and adversely affect Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Moreover, he highlighted the negative impact of such a strike on Nigeria’s reputation, discouraging foreign business investments and educational opportunities in the country.

Senator Suleiman warned that society bears the brunt of strikes, as idle minds could lead to an increase in crime rates and social vices such as armed robbery, oil bunkering, prostitution, cyber scams, and others.

Following the Senate’s support of the motion, they resolved to empower their leadership to mediate between the NLC and the Federal Government to prevent the impending strike from taking place.

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