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Federal Government Boosts Rural Power Supply with Mini-Grids

In an effort to improve electricity access in rural communities and provide relief from the recent removal of subsidy on petrol, the Federal Government has stepped up the deployment of mini-grids. These mini-grids, as announced by the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) in Abuja, will bring round-the-clock power supply to the communities where they are installed.

During his visit to the 200KWp Solar Hybrid Mini-Grid in Danchitagi Community, located in Niger State’s Lavun Local Government Area, the Managing Director of REA, Ahmed Salihijo, expressed his satisfaction. He highlighted that this facility, along with others, would significantly reduce the amount of petrol purchased by the community’s residents.

Salihijo further explained that over 80 similar mini-grids have been deployed across the country through the Nigeria Electrification Project-Performance Based Grant initiative. These installations aim to ensure fair and equal access to electricity for all.

The 200KWp mini-grid in Danchitagi Community was specifically designed to provide uninterrupted power supply to the area, which is home to approximately 2,670 people, mostly farmers. Out of the 534 electricity consumers benefiting from the facility, 13 of them utilize the power for various services, such as tailoring, welding, refrigeration, rice milling, and other agricultural processes.

Salihijo highlighted the positive impact of these mini-grids, stating, “Based on the feedback we have received, many people currently rely on petrol generators. With the introduction of these mini-grids, their dependence on petrol will decrease significantly. This serves as a palliative measure to help cushion the effects of the subsidy removal.”

The deployment of mini-grids across rural areas not only enhances electricity access but also offers sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional energy sources. This initiative demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving the lives of people in rural communities and supporting their economic activities.

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