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Buhari’s Policies Bankrupted Nigeria, NSA Insists

In a significant address at the Chief of Defence Intelligence Annual Conference, National Security Adviser (NSA) Mallam Nuhu Ribadu asserted that Nigeria faced severe financial constraints due to the alleged bankruptcy left by former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Ribadu, speaking on behalf of the President Bola Tinubu-led government, acknowledged the daunting task of rebuilding a financially strained nation.

Addressing the gathering, Ribadu disclosed that the government was in the process of repaying what was perceived as mismanagement or theft of public funds during the previous administration. While careful not to explicitly accuse the previous government of depleting the treasury, Ribadu emphasized the severity of the financial situation inherited by the current administration.

“We have inherited a very difficult country, a bankrupt country to the extent that we are paying back what was taken. It is serious. But this administration is doing its best to meet our requirements, including that of the armed forces,” Ribadu stated.

Despite the fiscal challenges, Ribadu commended the Armed Forces of Nigeria for their exemplary performance in maintaining national peace. He praised their role in the improved security situation, noting a significant reduction in violent deaths from 1,200 to less than 100. Ribadu specifically highlighted the absence of recorded deaths in Borno State, a region once plagued by insurgent activities.

“We used to have 1,200 violent deaths before in the country. Now we have less than 100 deaths,” he remarked.

Ribadu shared positive developments, citing the quiet rescue of 600 kidnap victims who had been in captivity for two years. He also pointed to the increased production of crude oil, with output rising from 900,000 barrels per day to 1.7 million barrels per day compared to the previous year.

In closing, Ribadu emphasized the importance of the defence attachee system in fostering good relationships between Nigeria and host countries, urging continued efforts in the face of present and future threats.

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