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Fire Forces Flight Diversions at Lagos Airport

Confusion gripped Murtala Muhammed Airport on Thursday morning as thick smoke initially and subsequently led to a fire near the E54 passenger bridge in the E wing of the international terminal.

All flight operations were redirected to the D Wing of the airport to enable firefighters from the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to bring the situation under control.

Despite a challenging effort, FAAN firefighters managed to contain the blaze, though the incident caused alarm among airport users.

In a statement, FAAN’s Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, Mrs. Obiagelo Orah, confirmed that smoke was first detected at 05:29 hours, prompting electrical engineers to cut power to the entire E wing. She said:

“The airport’s rescue and firefighting services promptly responded, reaching the scene by 04:30 hours. Initial indications suggest sparks from an electrical unit as the likely cause, but a comprehensive investigation is underway to determine the exact cause of the fire.

“The fire, which had grown, was contained by 06:49 hours. Efforts to ventilate the affected areas are ongoing.

“Meanwhile, all Terminal One flight operations have been redirected to the D wing.”

The recurring issue of fires at the airport remains a significant concern for stakeholders.

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