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Ministry of Aviation Halts Dana Air Operations for Safety and Financial Audit

The Ministry of Aviation has instructed the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to immediately suspend Dana Air’s operations. This directive aims to facilitate a comprehensive safety and financial audit of the airline.

The decision to suspend Dana Air follows an incident on Tuesday involving one of the airline’s aircraft. The plane veered off the runway at Lagos airport during landing, prompting concerns about the airline’s safety measures.

In an official statement from the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development, signed by Permanent Secretary Dr. Emmanuel Meribole on behalf of the Minister, titled “Immediate Suspension of Dana Airline Pending Safety and Financial Health Audit,” the Ministry stated:

“As the regulatory body overseeing aviation safety and compliance in our nation, recent incidents involving Dana Air have raised significant concerns about the airline’s safety and financial stability.

“In light of these incidents, and prioritizing the safety and well-being of our citizens and travelers, the Minister has directed the immediate suspension of Dana Air’s operations. This suspension will remain in place until a comprehensive audit covering safety protocols, maintenance procedures, and financial health is completed to ensure compliance with aviation regulations.

“The recent incidents highlight the urgency of this audit, and it is essential to take prompt and decisive action to protect the interests of all stakeholders. We trust in your expertise and diligence in conducting this audit thoroughly and promptly. Please keep us updated on the progress and any significant findings throughout the process.

“We deeply appreciate your dedication to maintaining the highest standards of aviation safety, and please accept the Minister’s best wishes.”

The most recent incident leading to Dana Air’s suspension involved its MD-82 aircraft departing from Abuja with 83 passengers and six crew members. Upon landing at Runway 18L of the local wing of the airport, the aircraft skidded off into a grassy area, becoming stuck.

Fortunately, there were no casualties, but the incident resulted in the temporary closure of the runway. The aircraft was eventually evacuated, allowing for the resumption of flights.

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