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Suspension of Protests: We Were Afraid of Being Attacked – NLC Leaders

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) leadership has provided fresh reasons for suspending the two-day nationwide protest against pervasive hunger and economic hardship after the first day, hinting that there were fears that protesters would be attacked.

Besides achieving the protest’s objectives, NLC President Comrade Joe Ajaero revealed that the decision to suspend the second day was due to credible information about planned attacks by potential agents of violence against its members. Ajaero expressed concern about the Nigeria Civil Society Forum (NCSF) being used to orchestrate violence.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, Ajaero disclosed evidence of imported agents mobilized to disrupt the protest routes and grounds, causing violence and mayhem. There were specific concerns about potential disruptions at the National Assembly complex on Tuesday.

Despite these challenges, the NLC leaders asserted their determination to press on with the protest, emphasizing resilience in the face of intimidation and harassment.

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