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Tinubu Assures Nigerians Economic Reforms Will Drive Development

President Bola Tinubu recently addressed the nation, emphasizing that his proposed economic reforms are vital for fostering development and revitalizing the lives of Nigerians.

He stressed the importance of collective efforts, particularly from key economic stakeholders, to navigate through these reforms successfully. His remarks were made during a visit by the Group President and Chief Executive Officer of MTN, Ralph Mupita, along with the board members and senior managers of the telecommunications giant, at the Presidential Villa in Abuja over the weekend.

In a statement released by MTN, Tinubu was quoted as saying, “You (MTN team) can contribute significantly to the economy by partnering with us. We firmly believe that no one can succeed in isolation. The structural adjustments we are making are aimed at ensuring we move in the right direction and reach a destination that caters to the needs of our people. We have a responsibility to revolutionize the economy so that our youth can participate in the nation’s prosperity. Otherwise, we are merely waiting for our dreams to remain unfulfilled.”

The MTN team expressed their congratulations to Tinubu on his election victory and reiterated their commitment to Nigeria. They outlined the company’s strategy for expanding connectivity throughout the country, diversifying digital services available to Nigerians, and supporting the rapid growth of Nigeria’s digital economy.

The statement highlighted their dedication to the principle of shared value, which forms a fundamental pillar of their ‘Ambition 2025’ strategy. They emphasized their active implementation of this strategy in Nigeria, with initiatives such as increasing local ownership through retail participation in their domestic listing, focusing on local content, promoting access to connectivity and financial services in rural areas, and deploying innovative technology platforms. They stressed the importance of an inclusive digital landscape.

Meanwhile, Prof. Abubakar Sulaiman, the Director-General of the National Institute of Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS), highlighted the significant changes Nigeria is experiencing under Tinubu’s leadership. Speaking at a retreat for managers of NILDS in Ilorin, Kwara State, Sulaiman emphasized the necessity of deepening the strategic partnership between the executive and legislative arms of the government to ensure the impact and success of these changes.

At the same event, Prof. Attahiru Jega, the former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), emphasized the importance of good leadership in Nigeria. He described the retreat as an opportunity for the institute to review its performance and identify the key elements necessary for quality governance in the country, including honesty, cognitive competence, effective representation, and the ability to inspire and motivate followers.

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