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Ryan Taylor Sparks Breakup Rumors as He Unfollows DJ Cuppy on Instagram

Renowned British boxer, Ryan Taylor, has fueled speculation of a potential breakup as he unfollowed his fiancée, DJ Cuppy, on Instagram.

Recently, online whispers about the couple arose when Cuppy was no longer seen wearing her engagement ring and ceased showcasing their relationship on her social media account.

Sources online reported that both Cuppy and Ryan had initially unfollowed each other, but Cuppy later re-followed him.

However, Ryan did not reciprocate the gesture and recently posted a quote about letting go of anything that hinders spiritual growth, further intensifying the breakup rumors.

His post read, “If it’s blocking your spiritual growth, let it go.” This has led to speculation that there may be issues between the couple.

A quick look at Ryan’s Instagram page confirms that he no longer follows Cuppy on the platform, adding to the speculation surrounding their relationship status.

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