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Mmesoma’s Result Is Fake, Anambra State Government Inquiry Finds

The Anambra State Government Committee of Inquiry, established to investigate the dispute surrounding Miss Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma’s Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) result, has concluded that she forged her result without any external assistance.

The eight-page report, compiled by a panel of professors and ICT experts, revealed that Mmesoma confessed to manipulating her results using her mobile phone, providing no plausible explanation for her actions.

The committee extensively reviewed evidence from JAMB and Mmesoma, resulting in several key recommendations. They propose that Mmesoma issues a written apology to JAMB, her school (Anglican Girls’ Secondary School, Uruagu Nnewi), and the Anambra state government.

Additionally, they suggested immediate psychological counseling and therapy for the 19-year-old. The report highlighted various red flags, including discrepancies in the date of birth, registration number, and the use of an outdated results template. Mmesoma, the committees found, even manipulated the name of the examination center on her result sheet.

During the investigation, Mmesoma admitted her misconduct in the presence of her principal and the Education Secretary. Both expressed shock and disappointment at her actions, emphasizing the deception she had perpetrated on the school, her family, and the state government.

The committee’s report aimed to correct the misconceptions and deceptions surrounding the controversy. It commended JAMB for its thorough handling of the matter and expresseed gratitude to the state governor for establishing the committee.

As prospective JAMB candidates move forward, the committee urgeed strict adherence to the guidelines, processes, and procedures set forth by the examination body.

The committee was established by the Anambra State Government to address the controversy surrounding the JAMB scores of Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma.

The candidate had protested that her score of 362, higher than the reported highest score, should have been recognized. The committee’s terms of reference were as follows:

  1. Conduct interviews with relevant parties, including Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma, JAMB officials, and any other individuals involved.
  2. Investigate the matter and provide recommendations based on the findings.

The committee engaged in interactive sessions with Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma, the Principal of Anglican Girls’ Secondary School, and JAMB officials, led by Dr. Fabian Benjamin, the Head of Public Affairs.

JAMB officials explained the processes and procedures involved in JAMB admissions, policy changes in the release of UTME scores since 2021, and the specific events related to Mmesoma’s quest for her JAMB score.

JAMB provided evidence of several requests made by Mmesoma at different times, with consistent results indicating an aggregate score of 249. However, Mmesoma sent a different set of results with an aggregate score of 362, using a different registration number.

The committee also discovered discrepancies in her date of birth, center name, and results template, which had been outdated since 2021.

During the inquiry, Mmesoma confessed to manipulating her results independently using her phone. She admitted to printing the manipulated results at a local cybercafé.

The committee sought to understand the motive behind Mmesoma’s actions, but she provided no explanation. The Principal of Anglican Girls’ Secondary School and the Education Secretary of the Diocese of Nnewi expressed shock at Mmesoma’s misconduct, which had deceived the school, her immediate family, and the state government.

The committee concluded that the official JAMB result for Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma is 249, while the results she presented, claiming an aggregate score of 362, are fraudulent.

The significant variations in registration number, date of birth, center name, and other details substantiated this finding.

The committee commended JAMB for its diligent handling of the matter and hopes that the truth revealed through their investigation will correct misconceptions and deceptions in the public domain.


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