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Tinubu Highlights Long-Term Benefits of Fuel Subsidy Removal

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, speaking at the University of Ilorin’s combined convocation, assured Nigerians that the inconveniences resulting from the removal of the oil subsidy would be temporary. He emphasized the long-term advantages of this move, which include promoting alternative energy sources, infrastructure development, and enhanced public services.

While acknowledging the current economic hardships due to the subsidy’s removal, President Tinubu encouraged Nigerians to focus on the potential long-term benefits. He explained that this transition would pave the way for investments in alternative energy, infrastructure, and public services, ultimately contributing to a more prosperous Nigeria.

Tinubu highlighted the importance of unity during this challenging period and urged the nation to embrace innovation and energy conservation to navigate through these difficulties. He acknowledged that change often brings hardships but emphasized that resilience and cooperation would lead to a better future.

The President also praised the University of Ilorin for its significant academic achievements and contributions to the nation’s development. He commended the institution’s researchers for their groundbreaking discoveries in various fields, including agriculture, healthcare technology, and support for farmers.

Furthermore, Tinubu expressed his support for the university’s efforts in securing a $1.5 million grant to enhance teaching and research activities in Geosciences.

In closing, he encouraged the graduating students to be exemplary ambassadors of their families, the university, and the nation, urging them to strive for excellence.

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