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Buhari Reflects on Presidency, Acknowledges Challenges

In an interview yesterday, Nigeria’s immediate past President, Muhammadu Buhari, asserted that he gave his best during his eight-year tenure but expressed uncertainty about achieving the anticipated results. Addressing various topics, Buhari shed light on his decisions, challenges faced, and the state of the nation.

Buhari discussed his endorsement of the controversial naira redesign policy, stating that it was to safeguard his integrity and emphasize to Nigerians that there are no shortcuts to success. He acknowledged the difficulties of governing Nigerians, attributing their reluctance to follow directives to a belief that they know better.

When questioned about the integrity of individuals surrounding him during his tenure, Buhari dismissed it as their problem and questioned the critics about their efforts in combating corruption at their respective levels. Regarding claims of a cabal hijacking his government, he suggested it might have happened but was uncertain if anyone had violated rules without consequences.

The former president defended his leadership style, emphasizing his commitment to accountability. Despite ongoing challenges at his residence, Buhari expressed relief at having the freedom to wake up whenever he likes, stating he doesn’t miss anything about being in government.

Buhari addressed his achievements, acknowledging the persistent insecurity in Borno state and the North-east during his tenure. He highlighted the degradation of Boko Haram at the time of leaving office.

The former president admitted prioritizing local matters over foreign affairs and identified securing the country as his most significant challenge. Buhari claimed he refrained from competing with the wealthy class, avoiding acquisitions that might compromise his integrity.

Reflecting on the introduction of technology in the 2015 polls, Buhari attributed his victory to divine intervention. He recounted facing ridicule for lacking financial influence during previous election attempts and emphasized the significance of the Permanent Voter Card.

Buhari defended the criticized naira policy, asserting its motivation was to convey that successful leadership requires a commitment to principled values. He admitted not being surprised by the legal challenges to reverse the policy, citing his willingness to let people handle their responsibilities as a shortcoming.

Regarding the Ethiopian/Nigerian Air issue, Buhari admitted his mistake was giving individuals too much freedom in their roles.

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