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FG Convenes Emergency Meeting to Tackle Soaring Food Prices

In response to widespread protests over escalating food prices in various parts of the country, the federal government held an emergency meeting at the State House, Abuja. Chaired by Chief of Staff to the President, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, the meeting aimed to address the rising cost of living and provide relief to the citizens.

Despite assertions of ample food reserves, the government accused opposition elements of exploiting high food prices and currency depreciation to instigate protests. President Bola Tinubu, returning from a private visit to France, directed a special presidential committee to address the worsening food situation.

The House of Representatives urged the government to open the national food reserve and explore importing essential goods as a short-term solution. The All Progressives Congress (APC) alleged that opposition parties were influencing protests against the cost of living in Niger and Kano states.

In Minna, Niger State, protesters blocked the Minna-Bida Road, demanding government intervention to alleviate hunger. The emergency meeting included members of the Special Presidential Committee on Emergency Food Intervention, focusing on averting a crisis caused by soaring food prices.

After the meeting, Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, briefed reporters, emphasizing Tinubu’s concern. He revealed ongoing discussions with millers and commodity traders to release stored food, with government intervention to make it accessible.

Idris assured Nigerians that the government was committed to addressing the food crisis and urged understanding during the ongoing discussions. The meeting involved key figures such as the Governor of the Central Bank, Minister of Finance, Chief of Staff, and National Security Adviser.

In conclusion, Idris stated that the government, led by the president, is actively working to alleviate the suffering caused by the high cost of food items. Further updates and a definite government position are expected as the discussions progress.

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